Aeg Oko Favorit 675 User Manual

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Aeg Oko Favorit 675 User Manual

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The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a third party. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Favorit 64800 Free-standing Dishwasher Favorit 60830 Free-standing Dishwasher Favorit 60830 Free-standing Dishwasher When switched on it works you, but there is no water running into the machine.Favorit 60830 Free-standing Dishwasher Favorit 60830 Free-standing Dishwasher OKO favorit 6060 OKO favorit 6060 Machine is blocked, Can anyone tell me how to unblock it? Thank you. Try Best of luck. Jimmy Favorit 60830 Free-standing Dishwasher Favorit 60830 Free-standing Dishwasher Just wondering if it is an old model and not worth exploring to repair. Just wondering if it is an old model and not worth exploring to repair. 15-26yrs? This is a new 6060 and is dated 2009, so prior to that. AEG are a good make, they have. Favorit 60830 Free-standing Dishwasher Favorit 60830 Free-standing Dishwasher DD-603SS Built-in Dishwasher Answer questions, earn points and help others. Please check your inbox, and if you can’t find it, check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there. Please also check your spam folder. Please check your inbox, and if you can’t find it, check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there. Please also check your spam folder. Viat saa korjata vain alan erikoismies. The most urgent thing I need is a wiring diagram for the controller and clock. So if someone has or knows how to get a wiring diagram for the controller I'd also appreciate it. Many thanks in advance. 0 2 Answers Share 2 Answers You have to login before leaving comment Login xavilopez 15 Jan 2015 could you sendme also the schematics?E-Nr.606,384 078 F-Nr.

074435442 Reply woody14 5 Oct 2007 please supply your model no, serial no and product no on the side of the door, also your email address as info is strickReply fortuneteller 6 Oct 2007 Thanks you for your reply. Regarding model and serial number here is what it says on the side. AEG Favorit 675 TP:42 AHb 01 (240V). E-NR.606.281012 F-NR.011 454570 (Made in Germany). I'm quite sure you're right and the controller isn't broken. Here's what happened. I tried finding a ground fault which occurred mid-cycle. I finally traced it to the heating element but while looking around, a couple of the controller wires got disconnected accidentally. (I had not marked them since I had no intention of taking them apart.) After putting the wires back where I thought they belonged (I know this is a bad idea) the washer worked except that at some points in the cycle the clock would not advance. So now I want to make sure I connected things correctly and I want to check that the clock is working. (BTW, the clock leads are wrapped around the controller pins rather that plugged in!). I may have manged to destroy the clock but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for your help!It just stopped working. Is it possible it can be repaired. Read this instruction booklet and keep in a safe placeThe instructions in this book will enable you toContents. Nlustrations (unfold pages for easy Switching on and off 16Guide to machine 6-8 Cleaning and care 17. General advice on dishwashing 8 If you think your machine is not. Filling the rinse aid container 11 oom or and te 20-22. Setting the rinse aid dosage 12 Technical data 23. Adding detergent before every programme 12 Loading diagrams 5 and 23. Loading the dishwasher 13Water inletFor illustrations see pages 3, 4, 5. Control panel InteriorFig. 1 Fig. 2II Door handle E Rinse aid container. Il Programme start and F FiltersIV Salt indicator lamp. Rear. Fig. 3On, off and programme selector buttons. O Off and cancel button.

On button with illuminated “on” indicatorJ, Hot air drying. Guide to machine. Crockery baskets. The baskets are protected with polystyreneRemove all polystyreneGeneral advice on dishwashing. Collect the dirty dishes and stack them inA rinse and hold programme can beOe Aluminium articles have a tendency to dis-Unsuitable articles. Wooden chopping boards, heat sensitiveIf in doubt about an article check with theFailing this, wash valuable items by hand. When buying new china look out for dish-Safety InformationDo not stack plastic articles over the heat-Do not touch the heating element immedia-Only use dishwasher detergents which areStore dishwasher detergents in a safeThese deter-Do not use any solvents in the dishwasherThe water in the dishwasher is not drinkingChildren cannot foresee the consequencesDo not leave children unsupervised whenChildren must not play inside the dish-Do not sit or stand on the open door of theThe water inlet hose with a plastic con-Do not cut theIn case of a fault, turn off the water supplyWhen this appliance is finally replaced bySetting the water hardness — adding dishwasher salt. Your dishwasher is equipped with a waterPlease also make reference to special instruc-Your local Water Authority will quote the waterWater hardness. Setting of the water. Water hardness selectorThe salt you require is special salt suitableOn no accountImportant! Detergents and salt are very oftenTake care that you DO NOT fill the salt con-Before the first use only, pour 1.5 to 2 litresThen add the salt until it is visible at the top ofRemove any spilled salt from the filler neckReplace the lowerImportant! To prevent salt from entering the washingCloudy glassware may result from salt gettingNo salt residues mustTo replenish the salt container. Replenish the salt container when the lamp. Please note. For water hardness area 1 — see page 10, noFilling the rinse aid container. Rinse aid is dispensed automatically duringImportant!

Use only rinse aids suitable for domesticNever use normal washing up liquids. TheseYou will find the rinse aid container on theReplace the lid and close by turning it clock-Wipe off any spilled rinse aid to preventRinse aid refill indicator. Replenish the rinse aid container when the.The adjuster to alter the quantity of rinse aidTo alter the setting, move the arrow to anotherThe machine is set to dispense 3 cc rinse aidAdd dishwasher detergent before every wash programme. Before you start a wash programme (exceptFor light soiling you will require approx.The detergent is automatically dispensed atWe would recommend filling the compartmentAs effectiveness of detergents differs fromUseful hints. The “Min” and “Max” markings in the deter-If you want to wash smaller loads, 15 mi ofO Always close the detergent pack and storeIf you use too little, starch deposits willThere are two types of dishwasher detergentsWhen using an ultra compact cleaner weBIO programme has the added benefit thatThe easiestLower basket (fig. 12). Large heavily soiled dishes are best cleanedCutlery basket. Arrange the cutlery as follow. Oe Distribute the unsorted cutlery loosely in allTop basket (fig. 13). Smaller, more fragile items are washed gentlyImportant! By arranging the dishes correctly you willTop basket - height adjustment. The height of the top basket is adjustable. Top basket in top position: Loading height inTop basket in lower position: Loading heightThe top basket has been slotted into the topIf you wish to adjust theProgrammes Suitable for: Setting the programme:Universal BIO. Normally soiled crockery andRecommended for use with. Ultra Compact cleaners toUltra Compact cleaners to 509Full load and glassesProgrammeEnergyPre-rinseImportant: If the dishwasher was startedThe machine “on” light is on and the redThe programmeAfter the machine has been started the pro-The indicator stops temporarily during theProgramme correction.

If you have selected the wrong programme bySwitching off — unloading the machine. The dishwasher switches off automaticallyThe machine “on” lightTo speed up theWill escape from the machine). This is onlyO Check the filters after every programme. IfCoarse filter (fig. 15). Remove the coarse filter and brush it cleanNote that theWhen replacing ensure that the upper sectionFine filter (fig. 17). Clean the fine filter (a) and microfilter (b) asClean it thoroughly. WhenNever carry out a wash programme withoutMaintenance. Fascia panels and controls must not beIf you think your machine is not working properly. Before you call out a service engineer check the following points carefully, it will save you the costA continuous hum can be heard?O First close the water tap, then switch off atThe programme does not start? O Are the fuses in working order? O Is the door closed properly?The machine is not taking in any water?Oe Have you opened the water tap fully?O Is the filter in the inlet hose blocked? TheIt must be at. The dishes are not clean?The programme has to be chosen accord-When the upper spray arm is stationery itHave you inserted theO If the machine is connected to a hot fillThe dishes are not dry and sparkling?Overdosing of rinse aid. If too much rinse aid is used opaque or bluishUnderdosing of rinse aid:Increase the output. There are rust spots in the machine? Oe The stainless steel tub, the inner door andIf you find rust spots,For water hardness area 1 the light will beNo salt is required for water hardnessThe same applies to wrong usage orOe Therefore, follow the instructions in thisWhen calling for a service engineer pleaseFill in these numbers for your future reference. E-No. (E-No.)Serial-No. (F-No.). These numbers enable our Service DepartmentAEG Service Locations in the United Kingdom. AEG UK Limited. Head OfficeSlough, Berks. SL1 4AW. Tel. Telex. Telefax. AEG Northern Service Centre. Unit 20, Haigh Park. Haigh Avenue. Stockport. Gt. Manchester SK4 1QR.

Tel: 061 4872205. Telefax: 061 4741191. Service Appointments. Bristol (call diverted to Slough). Norfolk (call diverted to Slough)Block 11, Unit 1. Dundyvan Industrial Estate. Coatbridge. Lanarkshire MLS 4AQ. Tel: 0236 440387. Telefax: 0236 440256Installation. The appliance must stand level and on a firmThe appliance hasShould a freestanding machine be built underIn this case youThis is the onlyTo comply with Safety Regulations, thePlease noteShould a dishwasher be installed next to aWater supply. To protect the drinking water supply systemA connection to a hot water supply up to aIf the water pressure is below 1 bar consult. AEG Technical Department. Please ensure you comply with the drinkingThe high pressure hose with 3% hoseThe machine may be connected:If a longer water supply hose is needed itE-No. 645 430 552 and 5 m E-No. 645 430 553)Information for the installer. Water discharge. At the rear of the machine the drain hose isThe outlet end of the hose is 19 mm diameterShould you wish to hook the drain hose ontoThe holder has a hole to enable you to secureYour dishwasher is fitted with a water pump,These are availableThe internal diameter of the extension hosesThe recess at the back of the machine offersWhen connecting the drain hose make sureThe drain hose can be hooked into a separateWhen connecting the drain hose to a sink trapThe drain hose must not be connected to aThe drain hose must be at least 30 cm aboveAnti-flood system - AQUA-LOCK. The dishwasher is equipped with AQUA-LOCKThe machine has an overflow protection whichFlooding from the machine through leakage orThe fault can be recognised by the continu-In this case firstIf your appliance has been equipped with aThe plug moulded on to the cord incorporatesWhen fitting the plugYELLOW must be connected to the EARTHDo not forget to tighten the mains lead clampWarning! A cut off plug inserted into aEnsure that the cut off plug is disposed offVoltage. Fuse ratingTechnical data. Capacity according to IEC publ.

436:Water pressure. The dishwasher complies with the radioJune 1987. The consumption values quoted in the pro-Detergent dosage: 5 g for pre-washDecor panel sizes. H 590 x W 581 mmLoading example for 12 place settings including serving dishesServing setting. It will enable you to navigate all processes perfectly and most efficiently. Never connect a damaged machine. Only use salt specifically designed for use in dishwashers. All other types of salt not specifically designed for use in a dishwasher, especially table salt, will damage the water softener. Load cutlery and dishes into the dishwasher. Fill with dishwasher detergent. Select a wash programme suitable for the cutlery and dishes. Start the wash programme. Service dishes and large lids should be arranged around the edge of the basket, ensuring that the spray arms can turn freely. For larger utensils, such as whisks, leave off one half of the cutlery grid. The cutlery basket can be opened out. Before closing the door, ensured that the spray arms can rotate freely. Fill with detergent 1. Open the lid. 2. Fill the detergent dispenser (1) with detergent. These products are detergents with a combined cleaning, rinsing and salt functions. Close the door; the countdown will continue from the point at which it was interrupted. 5. Once the delay start has elapsed the programme will start automatically. Fixing to the adjacent units The dishwasher must be secured against tilting. User Instructions, presented here, contains 44 pages and can be viewed online or downloaded to your device in PDF format without registration or providing of any personal data. We remind you, that it is highly advisable to carefully read the instructions before starting of using AEG OKO FAVORIT 4070, in case of unforeseen situations - you need immediately contact the nearest service center.There is a risk of scolding. Open the door carefully. 0 1. Open the door of the dishwasher. The wash programme stops. 2.

The indicator for the programme that is currently running extinguishes. 3. Close the door. The wash programme continues.Nevertheless the filters should be checked and cleaned from time to time.The right choice of power source directly affects on the life-cycle of the equipment, and the amount of energy consumed will help optimize costs when using it. Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage. Looking for other manual? For this no need registration. May be help you to repair. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock. Instead, contact your nearest service center. Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. If you cannot download this file, try it with CHROME or FIREFOX browser. Translate this page: Relevant DISHWASHER forum topics: AEG Lavamat mosogep, E94 hiba Sziasztok. AEG Lavamat mosogep E94 hibakodot ir. Talalkoztatok mar ezzel a hibaval. Javithato egyaltalan. AEG Oko lavamat 88830 Mosogep CF hibakodot ir de neha jo. Sziasztok! Elakadtam a fent emlitett geppel.Bekapcsolaskor a legalso kijelzon CF hibakod jelenik meg ami elvileg eeprom hibat jelent.Tobbszori ki-be kapcsolasra neha megjavul bejonnek a programok indithato es olyankor teszi a dolgat de inkabb csak CF et ir.Valasztokapcsolot szetszedtem kipucoltam,kicsereltem de nem segitett rajta fopanelt atforrasztottam,eredmenytelenul.Probaltam menet kozben hajtogatni a vezetekeket de nem valtozott semmi.Van valakinek valami otlete hogy mi lehet a baja,mit erdemes meg megnezni. Elore is Koszonom! AEG LAVAMAT 64600 4-5 perc utan leall Sziasztok!Halas koszonet elore is! Udv:mika AEG relax okofavorit mosogatogep c3 hibakod Sziasztok. Bekapcsolas utan vizet kuld be es rovid ido utan a c3 -as kodot irja ki.

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